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If the accident is proven to be your fault, the driver can still sue you for a minor fender bender.

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Q: Can someone sue me for a minor fender bender that occurred 3 months ago The guy has no license and no insurance who drove?
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What happens if a suspended license driver is in a minor fender bender and not at fault Should they contact their insurance Will this notify the insurance carrier that their license was suspended?

Ouch!!!!SO if the fender bender is enough money to require reporting (and it is hard to do less on today's cars) that means it has to be reported to the police and wow are you busted.By the way if you haven't reported your suspension to your insurance company, expect them to cancel your insurance and refuse to insure you in the future. Regardless if they find out from this they are entitled to check your driving record every renewal and most do.Man this is gonna leave a mark!!

What if You are in a car accident and have no insurance and you hit a car that had full coverage and gap insurance what will happen?

Generally, if you were in CA and I am assuming you are not talking about a fender bender or minor accident, you would lose your license and be required to make a filing to reinstate your license. In order to maintain your license you may be required to file what is called an SR-1P or an SR-22 which is simply proof you have insurance in place. If your insurance expires or you let it lapse, the insurance company will notify DMV and your license will be suspended again. Now you said the car you hit has insurance. This could mean they (the insurance company) will probably attempt to go after you to recover damages they had to pay on your behalf. You are still responsible!

What is a duel bender?

a duel-bender is someone who can bend two elements. for example, earth and water.

What is a bender?

A bender is someone who or something which bends, a device to aid bending, or a bout of heavy drinking.

Does a fender-bender have to be reported to the insurance company in califoria?

No, if there isn't much to it most people here don't contact the insurance.

Name someone you would hate to get into a fender bender with?

Fernando Alanso

Do you need to file an auto insurance claim for a fender bender?

You need to file an insurance claim on any accident in which a claim is going to be made on both parties.

Agreed to settle fender bender without police and at fault driver is now refusing to cooperate with witness what are chances of recovery?

it is a mistake to resolve without police. Usually if this happens, it means one party does not have the money/insurance or cannot afford more points on his/her license.

What happens if you get into a fender bender accident without insurance in the state of California?

You can lose your license if you were at fault. If you were not at fault you would be required to purchase insurace with the SR-55 form. This means you will pay higher insurance and will have to do so for three years. (The rules may have changed over the years.) After you have had 3 years of no accidents and no lapses in insurance then you would get another form from the DMV and you could purchase a lower cost policy. In California you can purchase liablity only insurance.

Should you claim a fender bender or just fix it your self?

Only you know the extent of the damage and who your insurance will handle the claim.

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What happens if you are in a fender bender with no car insurance in the state of mn?

You will receive a no insurance violation (major offense), and be liable for damages. If you are hit by a vehicle with no insurance, your insurance will cover the property damage (subject to the deductible) and injuries may draw from the Uninsured Motorist coverage on your policy.