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If you have a locked gate, they will find you vehicle and reposses it (even if you are in a public parking lot). My suggestion to you is voluntarily submit your vehicle to the lender. Call them first to make this arrangement. If it's too late, then let them take it.

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Q: Can my car be repossessed from my yard if the gate is locked in the state of Alabama.?
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Can your car be repossessed out of your driveway?

Yes, even if there is a locked gate they can reposes your vehicle.

Can a car be repossessed from a close gate?

It depends on the laws in your state.

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Can you legally open a security gate on private property to repossess a car?

It is against state law to open a locked gate.

Can a car be repossessed from repair shop in nc when repair shop is closed?

So long as the repossession agents don't enter a closed building or cross a locked gate in order to do it, yes.

Can your car be repossessed from your garage on private property in CA?

A car that is actually YOURS cannot be repossessed, as it's paid off. If you have a vehicle being repossessed, they're able to do this because it's actually the finance company which owns that vehicle and possesses their title. A recovery agent can, on behalf of the lienholder, go onto private property in order to recover the lienholder's property - with limitations. They cannot cross a locked gate, and they cannot enter a locked building.

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Can you repossess a vehicle behind a locked gate in Texas?

If the gate is unlocked for any reason, the car can be repossessed. So, if we are talking about a gated apartment/community -- yes, as anyone can follow another car into the apartments or community. If we are talking about a locked garage, that is never opened...the car is not being driven at any time... then no. But you are going to have to have proof that someone broke in. Your word against a lender will not get it back. Remember, the repossession is being done, as payment has not been made--the car technically belongs to the lender until it is paid off.

How would a repo man get a vehicle that is behind a locked gate?

They wouldn't be able to legally. However the gate would have to LOCKED and not just closed. It would need a lock and/or chain that would prohibit them from opening up the gate. I don't know the exact procedure that you could do legally but I would contact an attorney if I were you.