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Q: Can minerals can be degraded by the body?
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How can you use degraded in a sentence?

The degraded condition of the old building made it unsafe for occupancy.

How do excess minerals leave the body?

minerals leave the body from sweat

How do oceans get their chemical composition?

Impurities in water are from dissolved rocks an minerals, river deposits, absorbed gases, degraded materials fron living beings.

Are minerals food?

Minerals are nutrients, which are part of food. These are what help nourish the body, but the body cannot survive on minerals alone.

What are minerals used for in the body?

Minerals are essential for various body functions, such as bone and teeth formation, nerve function, fluid balance, muscle contraction, and energy production. They are also important for maintaining proper pH levels, transmitting nerve impulses, and serving as co-factors for enzyme reactions in the body.

What minerals does the body make?

None. Minerals and vitamins must be consumed for the body to use them. This is why vitamins and minerals are so important to our nutrition.

Are minerals needed in larger quantities by the body than protein fat and carbohydrates?

The protein and carbohydrates within the body create minerals on top of the minerals already there. The body has a larger amount of minerals and are needed in more quantities by the body than protein and carbohydrates because the minerals are used for everything.

What system stores minerals and protects your body?

The skeletal system stores minerals and protects your body.

Why are minerals important to the body?

Minerals help your body grow, and to develop. When people don't get enough of these important minerals then they start to get health problems.

When was The Degraded created?

The Degraded was created in 1980.

What is the function of the menirals in your body?

Minerals have several functions within a person's body. For example, minerals help strengthen the body, especially teeth and bones. Minerals also help the body grow and develop normally.

Where does your body get the minerals it needs?

Minerals are part of the food that we eat.