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Yes, a married couple does not need to have the same car insurance. They can both get their own policies and it may be more economical to do so.

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Q: Can married couples have separate car insurance?
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Is car insurance cheaper for married couples?


Can I get cheap car insurance in Iowa?

Yes, you can get separate car insurance if you wish. You do not have to have car insurance with your husband.

Can you get car insurance on a car you donx26?

I believe that you are asking if you can insure a vehicle that you don't own. The answer to this question is no. The only exceptions are for married couples who can put vehicles owned by either one of them on the policy.

If you are sharing a car do you need separate insurance?


Does Esure Car Insurance cover pets injured in a car accident?

It depends. If you have other insurance for your car then your master plan would be used to cover any injury to your pet. Esure Pet Insurance is a separate policy and covers the health of your pet only and is separate from your car insurance.

Will UIM coverage on my car cover me on my motorcycle if my motorcycle has a different insurance company?

I believe motorcycle insurance has it's own UIM and is separate from car insurance.

When a married couple has two cars should they have one combined auto insurance policy or two separate policies?

You need to have one policy that way you will be eligible for the "multi-car discount"

Can you remove your husband from car insurance if you separate?

Yes, as long as he does not drive the vehicle.

Can two people have the same Car insurance policy but live in different household?

Two people in separate households can have the same insurance policy. Usually, you can give the insurance company separate garaging addresses.

Can car insurance company's get your husbands record without you telling them?

No, but if you don't tell them you are married then you are committing insurance fraud.

Will your insurance cover your married daughter who drives your car?

Yes, as long as you add her as a regular driver on your insurance policy.

Can you put your married child's car on your car insurance?

Yes, but you must state who drives the car and be sure it covers him/her as well.