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Not necessarily. There could be internal damage to their car. If they just took off, then one would suppose that they've decided not to do anything about it. However, you may want to call the police just to cover your end of the deal, just tell them what happened, so the other party doesnt report your license plate later on saying you took off instead. = Agree with Above = Wise advice about calling the police about the hit-and-run. If you live in California, you are required to stop and exchange insurance info after any traffic accident, no matter how minor. See Vehicle Code section 20002. As far as your obligation to report an accident to the DMV: you only need to do so when the property damage exceeds $750 (or if someone is injured or killed). Take a look at section 16000. Under the circumstances you have described, you can not get into trouble. But again, CYA by making an H&R report to the police.

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Q: Can i get in trouble if i rear end someone and there is no damage but the other person doesn t stop?
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