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This is likely a maintenance issue and not a covered cause related loss. I can't see how a drain field could be caused by a fire, lightning, windstorm, or any covered cause.

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Q: Can homeowner insurance cover drain field repair?
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Does your unlimited buildings and contents insurance cover a broken drain?


Does homeowner's insurance cover drainage pipes that are 50 years old and need to be replaced?

No, I'm afraid not. Homeowners insurance is for sudden unexpected losses that result from covered perils such as Fire, Wind, Hail, etc. Homeowners insurance never provides coverage for routine expected maintenance issues nor for upgrades.

Typically, how often does a homeowner need to worry about drain cleaning?

It is good for a homeowner should intensely focus on drain cleaning of their home about once every three months. This will prevent further damage from clogs.

Who is responsible for adjoining driveway drain damage?

Your answer depends on who owns the driveway, and who damaged the drain. Best practices dictate that you file a police report and contact your insurance carrier, who can sort out who pays for the repair of the damage.

Plumbing Repair Sink Drain Houston TX?

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Does homeowners insurance cover re-drilling water wells that become dry?

No, Homeowners insurance is "Hazard Insurance" for losses to your home from the specified covered perils detailed in your policy. Covered perils are typically losses resulting from Fire, Lightning, Wind and Hail. Home insurance does not cover normal and expected maintenance or repair expenses that are considered incidental to home ownership. It's no different than a clogged drain for example, If it's not the result of a covered peril then it is not covered. Normal Maintenance, Repairs or Home Updates are not hazard losses.

When the drain pipe is under the house and it rots does the insurance pay for the repair?

They should NOT have to pay if the policy holder did not read the agreement prior to signing the policy

What is a cock hole cover?

Snaps in a drain hole to cover up the drain.

Will American General homeowner insurance cover damage to your septic tank?

In order for a homeowners policy to cover a situation, the damage must be from a covered cause. I cannot think of any situation where a covered cause could damage a septic tank. Septic tanks and drain fields are usually damaged by tree and vegatation roots, pressure due to vehicles running over them, and lack of maintenance. None of these are covered causes.

What are the cheapest companies for drain pipe repair?

IThe drain pipes on the outside of my house have recently been damaged in a storm. What are the cheapest companies for drain pipe repair?

How to Repair a drain cleaning tool?

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Does home owners insurance cover drain fields?

Homeowners insurance covers all property but the damage must be from a covered cause. I cannot think of a covered cause that would damage a drain field. More than likely the problem is from roots from trees or vegetation choking out the lines. This would not be covered.