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I was insured with State farm back in october. My driving record is not perfect by any means. (No At Fault accidents, but some moving violations). I found out that i was dropped after checking my bank statement that i recieved a large deposit from the insurance company. I called them up and the told me that i was dropped. So in part i was unknowingly driving without insurance. Statefarm calls me today 12/31 out of the blue, saying that they've tried sending me the notice and wants to confirm my address and to return the document with my signature.

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Q: Can car insurance company drop you without notice in the state of Florida?
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Can your car insurance be cancelled without prior notice?

No, your insurance will not be cancelled without prior notice. The insurance company is required to mail you a notice of cancellation to the address that is on your policy declarations page. The length of time of the notice is different depending on the reason for cancellation and the state regulations in the state that you live in. Remember that the insurance company is only required to mail the notice and not to tract you down if you have moved or don't open your mail, or don't check your mail. These items are your responsibility. Also, you know when your payments are due so if you haven't paid your insurance when required you might give them a call and check the status.

Can the insurance company take without notice 1000 from your bank account for clutch braking down through what they claim bad driving?

That depends on the terms of your insurance. But as a rule the answer would be No.

If you were rear-ended while running errands for work and your insurance cancelled you without notice is the other driver still liable for damages or what?

First of all insurance companies don't cancel policies without notice. Second, it doesn't matter if you had current coverage or not if someone else was responsible for the damage to your car. File the claim with the insurance company that was covering the at fault driver.

How do you know if someone has life insurance on you without consent?

If such a scenario arises and you have objection to it, bring the matter to the notice of the official concerned of the branch office of the insurance company concerned in writing for their immediate needful action.

What if the delay in filing an insurance claim is the fault of the insurance company?

That's not very likely. The insurance company does not file your claim, they accept your claim notice from you. You have to file your claim with the company, not the other way around.

Can an insurance company cancell your cottage insurance without reason?

No. Why would an insurance company cancel your policy without any reason? Depending on the state that you live in and the regulations in your state will determine how and under what circumstances a company would cancel your insurance policy. Normally they have to give you a certain amount of notice before cancelling your policy. For instance, if you fail to pay your premium the notice would be 10 days from the date they mail you the notice. If you have excessive claims or fail to maintain the property, they would have to non-renew the policy meaning they could not cancel it until the next renewal date and must give you 60 days notice for the non-renewal. Dates and reason vary based on the State you live in and the regulations.

Can you sue your insurance company if you get hurt by your car?

No you'd have to file your loss notice with the company that insures your car or your medical insurance policy. Homeowners Insurance policies provide no coverage for the automobiles.

Is it legal for a wife to cancel her husband's health insurance as well as his son's from a previous relationship without notice?

Are they still married? Separated? Divorced? If nothing else, the husband should get a notice from the Insurance Company about his COBRA rights. What does the divorce decree say? Once the divorce is final, the Insurance Company wouldn't consider the x-husband eligible anyway.

Can an insurance company make you pay the remaining balance on a policy if you cancel without notice and find other coverage?

In some states this allowed but not all. It's best to check with your states department of insurance about local regulations.

Does mortgage company know the change of the homeowner insurance to landlord insurance?

Your Insurance Company is required by law to provide a copy of insurance policy at renewal time to your mortgage company and to notify them of any endorsements or changes in coverage. They may Notice it if they review your policy.

Notice of Death to an Insurance Company?

Get StartedThis Notice of Death is used to advise an insurance company that an auto or homeowners policy can be terminated because of the death of the policy owner.A policy should not be terminated until the insurance coverage is no longer needed. If insurance coverage will be needed for a longer period of time after the death, an insurance company representative or agent should be contacted regarding premium payments and to make sure that insurance coverage will continue for the desired amount of time.

What to do if car was damaged after insurance cancellation without owner's knowledge?

Policy notices are always sent to the address on record with the insurance company. You can call your insurance company and they will tell you the date the notice was mailed and the address it was mailed to. Bear in mind that these days many companies are allowing the insured to elect electronic communication in lieu of standard mail. If this was the case then notification may have been sent to you by email. If no notice can be verified by the insurance company then you could have a claim against the insurer. If the vehicle was uninsured at the time of a loss then the owner is just basically out of pocket for the repair costs.