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No, All drivers must meet the definition of a covered driver under the terms of your auto insurance contract

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Q: Can anyone drive insured vehicle with the insured person in the front seat?
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If i am insured and drive a vehicle belonging to someone that is not insured am i covered through my policy?

No. * i say Depends on your policy. Call your insurance person.

Can your friend drive your car if you are both insured?

People are not insured. Vehicles are. In other words, it's not necessary for a vehicle owner to determine whether a potential driver is insured. The owner knows whether his car is insured. It is necessary, however, for a person who wishes to drive a vehicle to ensure that it is properly insured. I would not operate a vehicle unless I saw a valid insurance card for it.

Does a spouse have to be insured on your vehicle if they cannot physically drive it?


Can you drive a vehicle that hasn't got insurance?

Depends on which country. In Canada for example, no. Since insurance is given by vehicle. In the USA, yes, since a person is insured.

Do you need insurance to drive your car home from an auto auction?

If you are looking to drive a vehicle home as the winning bidder then the vehicle must be insured. All vehicles must be insured to drive legally on our roads.

Can any insured driver drive someone else's insured leased car?

You are covered if you are a licensed driver regardless what they say. A leased vehicle is owned by the leasing agency not by the person who is leasing it. The terms of the contract will designate who may or may not drive the vehicle and nothing else applies.

Can you be insured to drive anyones vehicle My daughter tells me that she can drive anyones vehicle and she is covered.?

Yes, it is possible to insure an individual and not just a vehicle.

Is it legal for a resident of the same household to drive an insured vehicle if they are not specifically covered under that policy?

You can drive an insured vehicle if you're not on the policy because when the police pull you over they are looking to see if you have insurance on the car. But to answer the question...NO, it's not legal to drive the insured vehicle if your not on the policy. As always, check with your insurance agent, but anyone driving the auto with the policy owner's permission should be covered. However, ALL licensed drivers residing in the household are supposed to be listed on the policy.

can a Afghanistan person drive in UK?

Anyone can drive in the UK provided they have a full and valid driving licence for the vehicle they wish to drive.

Do you need insurance to drive someone else's car?

The car is insured not the driver however many policies have restrictions as to who may drive the insured vehicle.

Can you let a friend drive your car occasionally if she doesn't have any car insurance of her own?

Yes as long as you can accept responsibitliy for any damages that she incurrs while in your vehicle. I do it all the time. Are you insured? Does she have a license? My understanding is that most insurances will cover the insurance holder as well as anything they drive, and also anyone who drives the insured vehicle.

If you have an insurance on your vehicle can you drive a vehicle belonging to another person?

If you are a first named insured on your policy then your liability coverage would extend to any non-owned private passenger vehicle you have permission to operate.