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there are generally three ways a car is deemed total loss... 1) OTL (obvious total loss) meaning anyone can see that this car should never be put back together, ie total burn, flood into dash, some heavy structure damage such as fire wall etc...on some older cars if more than 1/2 the sheet metal needs replaced.. 2) economic total= the value of the vehicle minus the salvage value is how much can be spent to repair this vehicle (including rental etc if a claimant)..the repair amount equals or exceeds this amount it is then an economic total.. (most common) 3) percent total= many states have different laws regarding percentage, where i am (MO-KS), if the cost of repair is in excess of 75% of the acv, (actual cash value) of the vehicle, it is a total loss......(second most common) if you could give more details perhaps i could help more......

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Q: Can an insurance company total your car when its not that far away in cost from being totaled anywaywhen the estimate is 3300 the adjustor quoted it for 3400 the car is only worth 4500?
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What are the steps to get an insurance estimate to repair a car?

First, call your insurance company to confirm what their protocol is. You will either need to get a few estimates from auto body repair shops, an insurance adjuster will estimate your damages or both. Once you have the proper estimates, you can submit the bill to your insurance company.

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Well with written proof and the incident verified, the insurance company should pay for everything that was damaged.

Can carriers raise your premiums for a serious accident where your car is totaled and the insurance company pays for your car but the insurance investigator ruled that the accident was not your fault?

yes if your pays for your car. Even if they don't pay for your car. My agent warned me that my homeowners premiums could be raised just for filing claims! They used to send an adjustor out automatically if there was a hailstorm or windstorm, but not any more. I just wanted an ajustor to estimate the damage last spring and let me know if it would exceed my deductible.

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