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Yes. he cannot break & enter though.

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Q: Can a repo man come into your open garage in Washington state?
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If my garage door is open can they come in and repossess my car in Arizona?


Can a repo man come into your garage to repossess a car?

yes if it is open

Where can you find a list of open warrants in Washington state?

To find a list of open warrants in Washington state, visit the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington. The King County Auditor also provides free records.

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Is it legal to repossess a vehicle out of an open garage?

Yes it is and they can tow your car away if you are parked at work! * In the majority of US states a repossession agent cannot remove a vehicle from a garage locked or unlocked, closed or open unless the agent has a replevin or other type of court order.

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Back in the day you would have to manually open your garage door, but now as technology is improving, you can actually open the garage door with a phone. You can also open your car doors and unlock your house door with the technology these days. Yes, you can open the garage door with a phone.

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is it illegal in california for an adult to drink alcohol in an open garage?

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When a certain device that is programmed to open a particular garage door is used what happens in order to get the garage door open? If the device used to get the garage door to open sends a signal when pressed, to a sensor in the garage door that opens the garage door, does that device use an encrypted key in the signal in order to get the door to open and insure that the signal is coming from someone who is authorized to open the door?

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