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Usually you can. The reason for this is that the insurance company generally has not access to know if the tag is valid or not. Insurance companies in Georgia do not ask for a tag number but on the vehicle identification number. The insurance company here reports to the State when a vehicle is insured or cancelled but probably does not have access to those records themselves. The company is interested in the drivers license history and claims history which they do have access to.

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Q: Can a person buy an auto policy with an expired registration?
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Will driving with an expired registration increase your auto insurance premiums if both auto insurance and drivers license were current?

You can't be sure with all companies...but most would not increase your premium unless it is a moving violation. However, expired registration violation, parking ticket violations, and other non-moving violation may lead to license suspension. Now, that is a complete different story. Such suspension may cause your insurance company to non-renew your policy.

How do you start an auto tag Registration business?

how to start an auto registration business in california

How do you find information regarding an auto policy from 1998?

Call the company who wrote the policy and have them look it up by the name of the person who had the policy

Lapse in car insurance?

A lapse in your auto insurance is a time period for which you had or have no coverage. Either your policy expired and was not renewed on schedule meaning you missed your renewal payment or you missed a monthly payment and the policy was cancelled.

Will insurance cover a claim if your vehicle is unregistered and it is not your fault?

Yes, If you have proper auto insurance and the policy is in an "Active" status, Then it will be covered even if the vehicle regisration is expired.

Does auto insurance expire at death?

Yes, if the policy was in the sole name of the diseased - because the contract/policy is with the person NOT the car.

Can a person cancel an auto insurance policy at any time from the date the policy is effective?

Yes. You can cancel at any time

What happens if you are involved in an auto accident and you have an expired license?

Subject to any exclusions in the policy you more than likely will still have coverage. Not enough information to be of much help.

Can a person get auto insurance on a auto if the auto is not in their name?

Answer 1: yes, my sister is borrowing my car and she her own insurance on it.Answer 2: You can always get insurance as an additional driver on another person's car insurance policy. Isn't that how children in the house are added to their parent's car insurance policy?

Who is the lessor vs lessee in auto registration?

The Lessor is the finance company. The lessee is the person leasing the vehicle from the finance company

Why is third party auto insurance a bad thing?

These types of policies include first person policy third-party policy .... One thing you can add to auto insurance policy is uninsured driver scope. ... auto license can be stopped without your interposition and that is a bad thing! ...

When do you need auto insurance?

When you put on your car on the road, you will need an auto insurance. You might be asked by the traffic sergeant on duty to show your insurance policy and might be fined in case you fail to produce the same or the produced one has expired/lapsed.