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No a lien holder can not file a claim against the insurance company as they are not the named insured, you are. Although if there is a lien on the vehicle the insurance payment for damages to your vehicle will be in your name and the lien holder name.

They then might require that you fix the vehicle so they can protect their interest in the vehicle. each lien holder is different.

CORRECTION: If the lien holder is named on the policy and the vehicle has been repossessed, the lienholder has a right to recovery under that policy.

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Q: Can a lien holder file an ins claim on customer's auto policy?
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If you hit your house with your car do you file a claim on your homeowners or auto policy?


Can you make a claim on your Personal Injury Protection if you had an accident in an auto that has no PIP if your other auto on the same policy does?

Yes, I think you can, (subject to state laws and policy exclusions), turn the claim in for the answer.

How do you claim auto insurance when you wrecked your car on your property?

It would be an auto claim for the damage to the other and a homeowners claim for the damage to your property. You cannot be liable to yourself, so you cannot claim the property damage on your auto policy.

Is theft from auto in garage an auto or homeowners claim?

The theft of the auto itself would be covered by your auto policy. Damage to your structure caused by burglars would be covered by your homeowner's policy.

Does a auto insurance policy get canceled when the policy holder dies?

Generally, an auto insurance policy does not automatically cancel upon the policyholders death.The policy will typically continue to provide coverage to the executors of the policyholder's estate until the end of the policy term.

Do you claim slashed car tires on homeowners or auto insurance?

Slashed tires coverageYou will need to file the claim under your Auto Insurance policy. Your homeowners insurance does not pay for car damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

Can you get insurance on an auto if ido not own it in pa?

No, because there is not an insurable interest on your part. You can pay for it. But the titleholder of the vehicle is the policy holder.

Can auto insurance company add someone to your policy with out policy holder consent?

I am pretty sure that they can do that I'm a little younger than you probably think so.Hope it helped,Abbey

Does homeowner insurance pay the claim on cars vandalized in their driveway?

No, An auto theft or vandalism would have to be covered by the vehicle owners comprehensive auto insurance policy. that's what Auto Insurance is for.

Should you renew a policy to have continued coverage for an unsettled auto claim?

yes you should it would be alot easier

What is the time limit a insurance company to pay out a auto fire claim?

I think you have two years to collect if you were cheated, but they have to pay immediately if you file the claim, and your policy covers it.

Are you covered if your boyfriend crashes your car?

Is your boyfriend listed as a driver on your auto policy? Does he live with you? If you do not have him listed as a driver on your policy and he is a regular driver or if he resides with you he must be listed as a driver on your policy. This is a part of your policy terms. If you do not abide by the policy terms the company can deny the claim due to material misrepresentation. This means if you lie to them they don't have to pay the claim.