Can a girl with a penis have periods?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No - if a girl has a penis then she is physically male and thus doesn't have a uterus, as such she does not menstruate.

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Q: Can a girl with a penis have periods?
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You may be confused. Girls do not have a penis.

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The size of the penis has nothing to do with your ability to get someone pregnant. Its your sperm. So yes you can get a girl pregnant with a 4.5 in penis.

What does a boy have that a girl does not?

a penis

Why does a penis grow when a girl is around?

It is wrong to say "the penis grows when a girl is around". Actually, the vessels inside the penis relax to let more blood into the veins of the penis (we call it cavernous vessels). This engorgement of vessels makes the penis get larger in case the girl is available for a penetration. This is called erection, not growing.

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A penis is a thing that a girl has!! not a boy a girl!!!!!!! So go do your mom!!! How you use it: Stick it in your dads or sisters butt!!!

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it is no different to beaing a boy but we have boobs and you have a penis we tend to start suffring with periods as well witch hurts

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have a penis

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I believe so.

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