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Q: Can a front end collision damage the transmission?
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Can a rear end collision damage the transmission?

it is possible to damage the transmission in a rear end collision. this is especially possible in rear wheel drive vehicles. even in a light rear end collision with a rear wheel drive vehicle can shove the drive shaft into the transmission causing serious problems.

Can a rear end collision damage a fuel pump?


A rear-end collision is usually the fault of the car in front?


What is the minimum speed that the airbag should deploy in a front end collision in a 2000 Mountaineer?

The force of the collision has to great enough

Where is the bell housing on 1999 dodge ram truck 5.2L?

The bell housing is the front of the transmission, the end that bolts to the engine.The bell housing is the front of the transmission, the end that bolts to the engine.

How can a new alternator go bad from a front end collision?

you are exerting lots of forward G-forces in any collision. The alternator has extremely small tolerances in the air gaps and friction the brushes make. Jarring the car in any collision can knock any part in your engine out of whack. I've even seen a fuel pump go bad from a front end collision and its located in the trunk.

Where can you find a Diagram for 2004 Toyota Highlander serpentine belt?

Unless your vehicle has suffered some front end collision damage and had parts replaced, the belt diagram shhould either be on the underside of the hood, or somewhere on the sheet metal shroud that supports the radiator and/or front grille.

Can a rear end accident damage a transmission?

In the event of a high impact front to rear collision, the front vehicle may suffer damage to the differential gears. This happens when the front vehicle happens to be under gear and the sudden impact on the driveshafts damages one or more of the gears in the differential housing. There would be unmistakeable evidence of gear fracture; which is different from normal wear and tear. In most cases damage to the differential gears would not be immediately evident following impact unless there is evidence of external damage to the casing. to be on the safe side, one would best recommend a thorough mechanical investigation following a high energy front to rear impact in order to rule out such occurances. In some cases, splinter damage also results in a damaged gearbox casing.

Where is the torque convertor on a 91 Ford Taurus?

Rear end of the engine - front end of the transmission

How do you open a hood on a 1989Honda crx when it has been involved in a front end collision?

with a pry bar with a pry bar

Will a front end collision cause a blown head gasket?

It could lead to it indirectly, but it won't be a direct cause.

Can a rear end car collision cause front hood damage without hitting any car at the front?

If the impact was severe enough then the car metal structure could be forced forward enough to warp the hood or shift it out of alignment. A knock or bump is less likely to have this effect though.