Can a car be stolen without the key?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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yes it can be hotwired

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Q: Can a car be stolen without the key?
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Can a BMW 328i 2007 be stolen without the key?

no, you have to have the key. The car is paired with one key, and one key alone. If you do not have the key, the car does not have the right code to start.

Stolen Car Key San Antonio?

Stolen Car Key San Antonio

Why does car start without ignition key?

car starts without key

How do you move a Subaru automatic into neutral without the key my car has been stolen and the insurers are telling me that the car must have been stolen with the key But it hasn't Please help.?

My guess would be that they use a car dolley and manually switch your cars transmition into nuetral and the manually pushed onto the dolley. Every car has a mechanism the can switch a car out fo park to nuetral without the key but your insurance company won't tell you that but your local tow truck driver or repo man will. Gl and hope it helped.

Does a used car have to come with a spare key?

If they ain't stolen, they usually do..

How can you put your automatic Subaru into neutral from park without the keys?

The car has been stolen and the insurers are trying to wriggle out of it by saying the car must have been stolen using the key! Which is not the case. It couldn't have been winched onto a flatbed either. Just need to know if it is possible to put the car into neutral without the keys. Please help.

I have a Lincoln navigator and it got stolen. can this happen without the key.....?


If a roommate has taken your car without permission can the car be reported stolen?


If you take someones car but you have the key and pink slip to it can they report it stolen?

Yes, they can.

Can a 2006 dodge caravan be stolen without key?

Flat out... very easily

Can you push start a 2003 Manuel car without a key?

Not without the key, no.

Can key a locksmith make a key for a car without the actually key?

No, but your car dealer can get a new key by the VIN Number.