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Absolutely, if the 19 year old is driving and causes an accident, I can almost guarantee they will be sued. Especially if they are not listed on the policy for the automobile they are driving. Because the insurance company for the vehicle they are driving is going to deny the coverage due to material misrepresentation and then the other party will sue both the driver and the owner of the vehicle and will win. They will have to pay for legal defense fees and for damages to the other party for property damage, injuries, and loss of wages.

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There is no suggestion in the question that there has been a material misrepresentation. A material misrepresentation is a false statement on an insurance application which, had the insurer known the truth, it would not have issued the policy or would have issued it on different terms or at a different premium.

That said, assuming that you did cause the collision, the possibility does exist that the other party may file suit; however, there is no "guarantee" that he or she will as the prior answer suggests. At age 19, you may not have much in the way of assets. Therefore, because suing someone such as you does not necessarily mean that the Plaintiff can collect on the judgment if he or she wins the suit, that person may not feel that is worthwhile to file suit. But, judgments remain valid and enforceable for a number of years, and if you acquire assets and the Plaintiff monitors you and finds them, execution on the judgment could occur later.

Another important factor and one that you should seriously consider is that most States' Financial Responsibility Laws provide for the suspension of a persons' license and registration if a judgment is entered against them from a collision and the judgment remains unpaid for a period of time (often 30 days). That sort of suspension could cause you a great deal of difficulty, especially if you need to drive for work or school. Getting insurance after a financial responsibility suspension is usually much more costly, too. Therefore, it may make sense to make arrangements to pay for the repair of the other person's car, even if payment has to be made in instalments, to avoid suit and a judgment. Make sure that the agreement to pay is written and that you stick to it. This holds true if the other party had collision coverage and makes a claim through his or her own insurer. In that case, the insurer will probably try to collect its payment from you thru a process called "subrogation". The same rules apply--try to make an agreement for repayment to avoid a judgment.

If the other person was injured, it may not be possible for you to do this, but if it is only an issue of property damage, it only makes sense to try.

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Q: Can a 19 year old who has a drivers license but no car insurance get sued for at fault auto accients?
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If you rearend someone when the roads are wet who does not have a license or insurance who is at fault?

If you rearend someone, regardless of road conditions or the other drivers disposition on a drivers lic or insurance, you are still responsible. Not having a license or insurance is a civil matter, not involving insurance company.

What happens when there is a car accident but the person not at fault has insurance but no drivers license?

your still in trouble since you dont have a License,if you have a mean judge,

What will happen if you have insurance and no drivers license and the other driver was at fault?

You still get slammed. The logic that you not having a driver's license means you shouldn't have been there.

She was at fault but the other party refused to give drivers license info and insurance info. Is that legal?

i dont know...or care!

If you have an expired license and get into an accident will your insurance pay the claim if your policy is paid?

If you have a current insurance policy and are in a car accident, but have an expired license, it is up to the insurance company if they will pay the claim or not. It could be in their clause not to, if a person does not have a valid drivers license, especially if you are the one at fault.

What happens if you have auto insurance but no drivers licnese and you get into an accident that is not your fault will the person at fault insurance still take care of the damages to your car?

You get a ticket and your insurance goes up. You can not drive without a license and if you cost the insurance company money they raise your premiums especially if you get a ticket

If you get into a car accident and it is not your fault will your insurance go up?

Not if it is deemed to be 100% the other drivers fault and they have insurance.

If you have no license and someone crashes into you does their insurance have to pay for damages?

State laws vary on at-fault crashes, but if there's clear evidence the other car was at fault in the crash, their insurance should pay for the damages. However, if you have no valid drivers license, that should be amandatory court appearance. If you want to drive, ontain the training and license necessary to do so.

What if you were in an auto accident and you are not at fault but you do not have auto insurance in California?

If the other driver is at fault and has insurance, their insurance should still pay the claim. However, you may still face significant legal penalties for driving without insurance. Your drivers license may be suspended and your car may be impounded, and the cost of insurance when you get it (which you have to, in order to get your drivers license or your car back) will be much higher than it would have been if you had purchased it before the accident. You should probably consult a qualified attorney for advice on how to minimize the cost.

What to do if you were hit by a car and they don't have car insurance?

You will need to file a police report in order to have their drivers license suspended. For compensation you may need to sue the at fault driver.

When you are the no fault driver and the other drivers insurance wants to pay your damages can they check your dmv records before they issue your check?

Absolutely not. They should not even be asking for your drivers license number. The information the other drivers company would need is your insurance companies information and then they hash out all the details. Your record, be it DUI, wreckless driving, etc, does not affect their payment since their insured is at fault.

What happens if in an accident not your fault but you do not have a license?

Fault in the accident will not be affected by the status of your drivers license. Therefore, the person who is at fault will be responsible for damages and his insurance will pay. You will, however be liable for the fine and ticket you will receive for driver without a license. The important point to remember is that if you had been at fault, you would be liable to pay for the repairs of the other persons car as well as for any medical expenses, loss of wages, and permanent injuries.