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In Mississippi your daughter has to live in your household and have car titled at your address to be on your policy and you also have to be on title. If she owes anything your name only need be added to title and not loan so that you are not financially responsible.

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Q: Can I insure a car regesterd to my daughter under my policy?
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Is my daughter covered under my insurance if she is not on the policy and does not live with me?

No chance.

How many people can own the same car?

You can insure up to four drivers on your policy. Any driver who is not specifically listed under the policy document, but insured under an 'any driver' agreement, is simply referred to as an 'unnamed driver'. If you wish to insure specific unnamed drivers, you can expect your premium to increase.

Can you insure a new car that is titled in your name under your girlfriend's policy if you live together?

You may be able to declare that you are common law married and as long as both of you are listed as named insureds on the policy you can insure vehicles just as if you had said your I do's for real.

Can a person take out life insurance on their sick daughter?

you can if your daughter is younger than 18 years. but they cant sell you an insurance if it is not under your name. you have to be able to have someone to insure.

How do you get insurance when you are not the registered owner of the car?

Answer:As long as you have the owners name on the insurance as owner you can insure it under your own policy

Can I get auto insurance with my spouse's license under suspension?

Yes, you can even insure her. It will need to be a non-standard auto policy.

Can a mother take out a life insurance policy on her married daughter?

Only if her married daughter is under 18, then yes. Otherwise, the answer is no.

If you are the primary driver of a leased vehicle in your parent's name who lives at a separate address can you insure the vehicle under your own policy at your address instead of theirs?


What is a closed list In dental insurance?

A closed list refers to the network of dentists from which you can obtain treatment that is covered under your dental policy.

Can you insure a car whose title is under your name and then change the name on the insurance to your parents if they transfer the title to them?

Your parents would need to add the car to their own policy.

Can you choose how much coverage you want for homeowners insurance or does the insurance company have the right to drastically increase your coverage without your approval?

It is unlawful to intentionally under insure your home. Your insurance company is required to review your homeowners policy regularly to insure that you are properly insured and that your homeowners policy is in compliance with the law as well as the terms of any associated mortgage note.

Your daughter received a DUI while driving the family vehicle Can the insurance company drop us if we take her off your policy?

You will have to sign an official exclusion document for your policy to be safe. Be aware though that when you do this you can not under any circumstance let your daughter drive any vehicle on your policy while that exclusion is in effect.