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Depends if you live in a "no fault" state. Here in NYS ther is no such thing as an "excluded driver" other than for a busboy that might climb into your car to get suitcases or a similar situation in which in th ecourse of business someone may have access to your car.I googled NYS insurance regulations and laws as I read so many posts that said otherwise.The only wasy to exclude him is to have him get his own insurance and report that to your insurance co. Suggest you Google your state's insurance web site.

Now here in NY, an adult son does not need to be listed as a driver on the policy , but must be listed as a member of your household, so th einsurance co. can jack up your rates based on his driving record.

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Q: Can I drop my adult son who lives at home from my insurance if he doesnt drive my car?
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Can an adult son who lives in home drive car insured by parents?

yes. anyone can drive your car with your permission.

Your adult daughter has auto insurance and is gifting you her car you have a car and insurance She lives with you Do you have to put her on your insurance policy?

As long as she has her own policy on her own, it would not affect your insurance in the sense of premium or the need to have her insured on your policy. However, most auto insurance company want to have her listed as a driver in the household since she lives with you. The policy actually follow the vehicle and not the driver. If she was to drive this vehicle and get into an accident, your policy would be the primary and her policy would be secondary.

How does it affect out lives?

it doesnt....

Is a parent legally obligated to carry their adult child on health insurance in Missouri?

Not once they are adults. It is often done to help the child get started in their lives.

How does daughter's 92 MPH speeding ticket in a 65 MPH zone effect auto insurance for your car?

== == It will be a decision by the insurance company if they want to continue to insure such a driver. Remember that they are NOT obliged to insure any one they consider a bad risk, including your daughter. You may decide she cannot drive your car any more. If she lives in the same house, she will have to surrender her license to the state, in order for the insurance company to be sure she will not drive your car any longer. The other choice is for her to get her own insurance and her own car. Let her pay her own way in life, like an adult does, or not.

In Michigan do you have to have your 21 year old insured on your auto insurance if she lives with me?

Nooooo....YOU are not required to insure anyone but yourself. However, if you are letting him/her drive your vehicle, you'd better be sure he/she is carrying insurance.

Are you liable for any unpaid copay charges on your 18.5 yr old stepson who lives with his girlfriend?

If you live in a state where an 18 year old is a legal adult then that adult is legally responsible for himself or herself. He or she is responsible for his own debts and liabilities. You are not liable for co-pays on his medical bills. If you are covering your adult child on your health insurance you are responsible to pay the premiums. If you choose not to cover your adult child on your health insurance plan you are not required to keep him or her covered under your plan. He or she is responsible to obtain their own health insurance plan if you choose not to put him on your plan. Most insurance plans will not place an adult child on your insurance plan if he or she is not attending school....and there can be restrictions on the amount of classes a student is taking to qualify to stay on your health insurance plan. Any adult child living in your home you are not legally responsible to provide health insurance, pay his or her bills or medical bills. You are even legally allowed to charge that adult child for expenses incurred by him or her.

Do coral spend their adult lives as medusas yes or no?

It is a false belief that corals spend their adult lives as medusas. Corals spend their adult lives as polyps.

Can a 16 year old driver get his own auto insurance policy or must he be on his parents policy if he lives in the home with them?

A 16-year-old is not legally able to contract with the insurance company unless he has been emancipated. Which leaves him to work with his parents or another adult to acquire the insurance.

Can your adult daughter who does not live with you drive your car without being on your insurance in new york?

No. Any drivers must be listed on your auto policy. If she is an adult without a bad driving record, your rates will probably not change at all. The second issue is where does she live? You must notify your insurance company to add the daughter as a driver and you must also give the insurance company the address where she lives and where the vehicle will be parked. These two items are important factors for rating the auto insurance properly and are required in your policy. As a matter of full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Company in Central Georgia and have for the past 22 years. Prior to that I worked as an agent for a direct writer of insurance for 3 years.

Will my homeowners insurance cover My daughters property since she lives with us?

That depends on the wording of your policy, they usually cover non adult children however if in doubt why not ring them and check.

Does your son who attends an out of state college and lives in that state have to be carried on your insurance policy if he borrows a friends car?

if hes not i wouldn't suggest letting him drive the car