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Yes, however, in most cases their rates will not increase until you get a driver's license. When you only have a learner's permit, it usually will not trigger a rate increase.

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Q: Can Geico increase your parents' auto insurance because you are a student driver?
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Where can one find student insurance?

If a student is on their parents insurance they should stay on it as long as possible. However, the student's parents should check with their policy as to what benefits are available if the student does not stay in the local area. When a parent's insurance policy is not an option one can check with the school they plan to attend. Most schools offer student insurance. Another option would be for the student to purchase their own health insurance policy.

Can an 18 year old be on their parents insurance if they are not a fulltime student?

In Texas, as long as the parents claim the child as a dependent they can be on their insurance until they are 23 or get married. Whether or not they are a full-time student. You have to check online for your state's laws.

How old can a child be and stay on parents health insurance?

It depends, I am 20 and still on my parents insurance, But i am also a full time student. I also have to say that I am still living in my parents home.

Where can a college student apply for car insurance?

State Farm offers young driver and student car insurance providing low rates and discounts. In several states college students are actually still covered by their parents insurance polices but if a student isn't covered by their parents or wishes to get their own they can get a quote and apply online at State Farm.

Whats the maximum age to be on parents' health insurance policy?

some insurance carriers are allowing children up to the age of 23 years old and full time student. but better yet, call your parents insurance carrier.

Does parents insurance covered mentally ill 18 year old?

I know for me, i have to be a full-time college student [at least 14 units] to be on their insurance.

Do student drivers need auto insurance?

The answer to this question is YES the student driver needs auto insurance because it is a requirement by the law that every driver, whether student or not, needs insurance. If you contact your insurance agent you will find out for the most part that the student driver needs to be listed on the insurance policy but they are not charged any fees until they become a full licensed driver. This was the advise that I had received from my insurance company, which is Met Life.

Why absenteeism has increase among university student?

dull subject,negative peer influence and ignorant parents and lecturers

If you are a student is it possible to stay on your parents insurance after marriage until gradution?

nothings wrong with her. shes a sister. try talking to her about it.

Should I be a good student?

Yes, because your parents would like that.

How many hours do you have to take a semester to qualify for insurance?

If you are a student that needs to be included on your parents health insurance, then you must be full-time. For colleges and universities that operate on a semester system, a full-time student must take a minimum of 12 credits.

Where to Find inexpensive car insurance for college student?

Inexpensive car insurance for a college student can be found by having the student's insurance on the parent's policy. Some states allow for the parent to have a college student on their insurance until they graduate.