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Yes, the body can take in too much sulfur. This rule applies for every key nutrient the body takes in. Excess sulfur results in energy metabolism issues.

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What happens when you have too much sulfur in your body?

it bad

What did James Madison mean when he said the head is too large for the body?

the fear in the head about war is too much to take in

What is the deficiency disease of sulfur in human body?

Neurological disorders is one of the common disorder we have to face in case of sulfur deficiency. A neurological disorder is any disorder of the body neurological system. It could be cause of paralysis too.

How much copper is in the body?

On average there are between 50 and 120 mg of copper in the body. Too much copper is not good for you. If you are double jointed or you can do a back bend you have too much copper in your body. But if you take gymnastics or something like that then your fine but almost everyone has too much copper in their bodies. If you look on the back of the food package it says how much copper there is. 2% is okay but if there's 15% then that's too much.

What does sulfur blocks do for cattle?

Sulfur blocks help cattle to retain some salt. This is good for their kidneys, other muscles, and heart. Too much sulfur can cause problems with fat loss, though.

Why do i crave raspberries?

Craving in general is a sign of mild malnutrition. Manganese or sulfur may be too low in the body. Thus, the body will tell you to get more raspberries.

What will happen if you have too much fiber in your body?

you will have to take a popo 12 to 15 times per day.also you will have a popo smell that comes from your body. grant

Is it safe to color on your tongue with sharpie?

No, your body will take in the pen ink and if it takes in too much you will get ink poisoning

What happens if the body has too much of fats?

If your body has too much fat, you will be unattractive and babes won't come hither.

Can eggy smell in well water have something to do with too much iron as well as with sulfur?

the sour smell to water is usually caused by overpurification such as sulfur and other chemicals added at the plant

What happens when you breathe sulfur?

Smells bad too much bye bye u 6 feet under

How many vitamin A can be taken in 1day?

5000 IU (Men) 4000 IU (Women). Do take too much. Excess vitamin A is stored in the body, and too much can make a person ill.