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Your period hasn't finished yet.

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Q: Bleeding two or three days after period?
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Why are you still bleeding after your period is over with two days ago and then you started back?

I have the same thing happening to me. I had a "regular" period this month, then three or four days later I started bleeding again, very heavy, even for my period when it usually starts and the blood is bright red.

Which day is the first day of menstruation when there is light bleeding for a day then nothing for two days then the full bleeding starts?

The day you first start the light bleeding. Because you don't bleed for 2 days after the light bleeding, then don't count these days as your period. But its still day 1 of your period.

Does everyone get implantation bleeding?

I have irregular periods they come every forty days its been three weeks after my period and I have dark spotting my period is in about two weeks from now my last period began on January 6th

Can you get implation bleeding on day 11 of your cycle?

No, two days after your period you may not have even ovulated...let alone concieved and the fertilised egg travelled down the fallopian tubes to implant in the uterus. Bleeding two days after your period is likely just spotting at the end of your period, or may be ovulation spotting.

What amount of bleeding should I expect after cone biopsy?

Just a small amount of bleeding for two to three days.

What is the incubation period for melioidosis?

The incubation period is two to three days.

Can you have a period and then two days afterwards have implantation bleeding?

Answer I think that would be period blood left overs I always get it Pink Princess

You find yourself in a similar prediciment your period is two days away and you have started leaking a milky like substance from both breasts your last period was a bit weird bleeding for two days.?


If your period is four days early and ends in three days is that implantation bleeding?

This could definetly be implantation bleeding if unprotected sex has taking place 10 -14 days before. Implantation bleeding should be much different to a period its alot lighter and only lasts a few hours. If its just like a normal period clotty and dark red then its likely to be an early period expecially if your periods are irregular, if your still in doubt do a home pregnancy test two days after your period would have been due you shoud get an accurate result.

Your mom is 45 and last for the two months she didnt get period but the last three days she is getting white bleeding what does it mean?

probably goin through perimenopause. this is the pre stages of menopause

I missed two days of my birth control Tri-Nessa and took them but now I have light bleeding that has lasted for five days if I start a new pack will I get my period?

Now that I am not limited to 150 characters or so... I missed my pill for two days and took both of them at the same time the morning of the third day after I missed the first pill. I have had light bleeding for about five days now. My question is this: I know that if you miss three days you are supposed to just start a new pack. But if I do this will I get my period? I'd rather deal with the light bleeding than get my period, my boyfriend is coming home this weekend and I don't want things to get ruined.

Light brown bleeding and im two days away from my period could this be implatation bleeding?

It could be. You could take a pregnancy test. If it is negative and you still do not have a normal period within a week, retake the test.