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probably goin through perimenopause. this is the pre stages of menopause

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Q: Your mom is 45 and last for the two months she didnt get period but the last three days she is getting white bleeding what does it mean?
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You have had pubic hair for a year and underarm hair for five months should you be getting your period soon?

No, not always. I started getting pubic hair when I was 8 and didnt get my period until I was 13.

Is light bleeding a sign of pregnancy?

Yes.You can have a period while you are pregnant because I seen my period for five months but my six month it didnt come on. And when i went to the docotor to take my ultra sign I was five months going on six and my baby was well develope so it is TRUE that you can have your period during your pregnancy.

Should you go to the doctor if you didnt have your period for two months?


What happends if your on the depo shot for 2months and then have a period?

I was on depo, and I would always get my period 2 months on 2 months off. Until I didnt get my period no more.

What does it mean if you only took one Depo shot and have not had a period for two months?

I was on the Depo shot for a year and didnt get my period at all.It just one of the many symptoms that come with getting the shot!

Would you be pregnant if you didnt had your period for 4 months and you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms?


What's the longest possible time frame between taking a sugar pill and getting your period?

The longest time frame I had was 7 days but I was pregnant at the time. I didnt know I was. I guessed I was pregnant when my period came but it was very very light and brown bleeding.

What do it mean when you spot after your period?

last month i didnt have a normal period or this month . thismonth i had a period for one to two days now a week later i a bleeding brownish red am i pregnant ?

What happens if i gad sex and i didnt get my period the week i was suppose to but then started bleeding the next week?

Your period was just probally late, if you where pregnant you would not of started at all.

When you go poop and have bleeding after in your under ware It also feels itchy afterwhen you bathroom Sometimes blood comes from your butt even if you didnt poop Its been bleeding for about 3 months?


If you do a pregnancy test and its positive then you start bleeding when ur period is due and then do another tests which is still positiveshould u worry.Bleeding is not heavy or with pain?

well it is possible to have a period while u are pregnant. not very common, but it is possible. my friend did, that's why she didnt know she was pregnant til she was almost months, because she had a period every month.

Is it normal not to get period for more than six months after delivery?

Yes it is especially if you are breast feeding. i didnt have my period for a year whilst breastfeeding my son.

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