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Q: Before taking a temperature orally what questions would you ask the client?
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Why can't you drink 30 minutes before taking your temperature?

If your temperature is taken orally, the temperature of your drink can change the reading on the thermometer. If your temperature is taken rectally or in the axilla, then it wouldn't matter how long it as been since you drank something.

How to take a unconscious patients temperature?


The cultural history of Oceania before Western colonization was largely recorded?

inside temples

Should temperature of an unconscious patient should be taken orally since they are not moving about?


Period before records were written or passed orally?


What do you have if your temperature is forty degrees Celsius?

A high fever. Average normal body temperature taken orally in humans is about 36.8 - 37.0 degrees Celsius.

What cultural history of Oceania before Western colonization was largely recorded?


Is an orally taken temperature of 102 degrees dangerous to a 5 year old child?

Possibly, if the temperature gets to 104 I would take the child to a hospital.

Can sodium pentathol be taken orally?

Sodium pentathol can be taken orally but it is most commonly given by injection. Sodium pentathol is used as an anesthetic and given before surgery.

What are PO fluids?

Per Os means orally, by mouth. NPO means they don't consume whatever orally. For example, before a cholesterol test you are 8hrs NPO, so you don't eat for 8 hrs before the test.

Why were the first poems told orally?

Poems came before people could read or write.

What does qac?

There are two parts to this answer. The first abreviation "PO" means to take orally, which is by mouth and swallowed. The second "qac" has means before each meal. For example, Reglan is often PO qac and qhs. 4 pills a day, orally before meals and bedtime (qhs). (1 before breakfast, 1 before lunch and 1 before dinner, and 1 at the end of the day.)