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It is the homeowner's responsibility to clean any mold from the house before you purchase it. It should be in writing.

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Q: Attic mold will homeowners pay for cleaning it?
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Will homeowners insurance pay to remove mold?


How do you get homeowners insurance to pay for mold damage?

Mold is usually excluded from coverage. Read your policy; if same is not excluded, it is included.

Will your homeowners insurance cover black mold?

Most every Insurance policy in the United states now specifically exclude mold or damage resulting from mold. In order to get mold coverage you have to request that coverage be added to your policy if your Insurer offers it and pay the additional premium for it.

Will homeowners insurance pay for mold removal if it was caused by insulation in crawl space?

mold cannot be caused by insulation - likely location of insulation and cause of moisture will need to be determined for coverage analysis - contact your agent

Your house has termite and roof damage and mold can the home insurance pay for it?

Most Homeowners Insurance Policies do pay roof repairs if damaged by a covered peril so long as its not a worn out roof or pre existing condition. Mold and Termite or other common household pests are not covered unless specified in the named perils or by endorsement. The best chance of getting Homeowners "All Risk" coverage is buy purchasing a Homeowners HOC or HO3 all risk policy.

Who does homeowners pay after a mold remediation?

You would need to pay the contractor that you hired to perform the mold remediation. So it depends on how you setup your contract with the remediation company. Some may bill the insurance company for you, others may bill you and then you seek funds from your insurer to pay the bill. Either way though the contract is between you and your contractor.

How can homeowners insurance pay for homeowners association dues if i cannot pay?

It won't. Homeowners insurance is protection from sudden accidental losses, it does cover association dues.

Will homeowners pay if your vehicle hits your garage?

yes subject to your homeowners deductible

Does homeowners insurance cover attic restoration?

Certainly not. Homeowner's insurance does not pay for renovation to any part of your home unless it was damaged and the damage was due to a covered cause. And, in the case of damage, the insurance will strive to replace, not improve the situation.

Does homeowners insurance cover your mortgage if you are laid off?

No. This is not what homeowners insurance is for. Homeowners insurance is to pay for physical damage to your home and contents.

Will homeowners insurance pay for mold removal caused by a window air conditioner?

Most insurance policies now carry a "Mold Remediation" limitation. That means that the policy will only pay up to a certain limit for clean up. Some policies "exclude" mold altogether. Which means you have no reimbursement for clean up. Check your policy provisions to see how your policy responds. Please note that the Mold growth needs to be from a covered loss and not a maintenance issue so air condition seepage ( a maintenance issue ) is not a valid reason for a claim.

Does my homeowners insurance pay for your loss of pay when you fall in your own home and out of work?