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one on the right

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Q: At an uncontrolled intersection who goes first?
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An intersection with no lights or signs is called what?

Uncontrolled intersection

Who is at fault if you entered an uncontrolled intersection first and was hit by a car on the left side?

you enter the intersection first... that's the reason why you got hit because you knew the the intersection was not under control

What is an uncontrolled interstection?

An uncontrolled intersection is an intersection that has no traffic controls -- no traffic signals, stop sighs, yield signs, etc.

Which goes fris if two vehicles approach an uncontrolled T -intersection at the same time?

The vehicle that is going straight has the right of way.

What is An uncontrolled intersection?

An intersection that does not have a stop light or stop signs to control the flow of traffic

When crossing uncontrolled blind intersection the maximum speed is?

15 mph

How Would you treat an uncontrolled intersection?

treat it as you would a yield sign

If a big rig is approaching an uncontrolled intersection a smart thing to do before pulling out in front of it is to?

Wait for the truck to pass through the intersection

Are you at fault if you entered an uncontrolled intersection first and was hit by an on coming car on the right side?

In an uncontrolled interscetion in a parking lot and you are travelling west and hit by a vechile heading south on the back passenger door, who's at fault?

In ny state 4 way stops who goes after the first one there The car to the righ or the car to the left?

Not sure about NY, but I believe the first vehicle that approches the intersection goes first, followed by the others in order of arrival at intersection. Unless two or more people come to the intersection at the same time then its the person to the right. once the first person has cleared the intersection.

What should you predict when approaching an uncontrolled intersection?

It depends on where the intersection is. For an intersection in the middle of the countryside, you should probably look both ways so that you won't get hit by a car.

At an uncontrolled intersection always yield to the driver on the?

Right (assuming you're in a country which drives on the right, such as the US).