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Yes. It is the driver's responsibility to make sure everyone is safe in their vehicle.

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Q: Are you responsible for paying the ticket for someone in your car who is not buckled up?
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How much is the ticket for not wearing seatbelt for someone under 16?

== == In most states, the DRIVER is held responsible for ensuring that ALL passengers are buckled in. The driver pays the fine, in this case.

Who is responsible for a ticket while driving someone else's car with expired sticker?

you are

How do you avoid paying a parking fine?

If you have gotten the ticket, there is very little you can do about it. Chances of getting relieved of the cost of the ticket is very low unless someone can prove that the meter was wrong.

Who is responsiblie if Someone not listed on your rental car contract got a traffic ticket?

Traffic tickets are not given to the car. The person that got the ticket is responsible. Tickets that are given to the car the renter is responsible. ie parking tickets

Who is responsible for a ticket while driving without car insurance?

The person in who's name the the ticket was issued is responsible for the ticket.

In Wisconsin can my license be suspended for not paying a traffic ticket?

Yes, in the state of Wisconsin a license can be suspended for not paying a traffic ticket.

How can one get a parking ticket for a vehicle he does not own?

The ticket is attached to the car, and the owner of the car. We loaned someone a vehicle of ours years ago, and she racked up many parking tickets at a college. Guess who was responsible for the tickets, the owner is. Unless the ticket is handed to you with your name on it, the owner is responsible.

If a person was fined in 1986 and dies in 2005 gets the ticket in December 2006 is the family responsible for paying the fine?

The estate is responsible for the fine, not the family. If the estate has been closed, and the proper processes were followed, the entity issuing the ticket is not going to be able to collect. Contact the estate executor or an attorney for specifics for your state.

Who pays red light ticket when vehicle owned by a corporation?

The CEO of the corporation is responsible for paying the ticket because the vehicle belongs to his/her corporation but the person driving the vehicle at the time of the infraction (if known) should reimburse the corporation for committing the offense.

What is an alternative to paying my ticket?

Going to jail.

Will youthful offender get you out of paying for a speeding ticket?


Who is responsible to pay the ticket for a front seat passenger in nc who is not wearing a seat belt?

The person who's name is on the ticket would be responsible.The person who's name is on the ticket would be responsible.