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No. I would suggest that you insist that they don't move your car. They will approach you to ask if they can move the car to a lot that doesn't charge storage. If you do that you have given away some of your leverage. You do not have to let them move the totalled vehicle until they have made you an offer. The day after an offer was made to you, they are no longer responsible for the storage charges, you are. You need to look around and see what similar vehicles are selling for at car dealerships and in personal ads so that you know the ballpark your vehicle is worth. Most adjusters want to finish the claim, pay you a fair value and get the claim closed with everyone happy. If you have reasons your vehicle is worth more than average tell the adjuster. If you have just put on a new set of tires, have very low mileage, etc. these can increase your value. If your is very clean from scratches or never being hit before, etc.

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Q: Are you required by law to let the insurance company take your car if it is totalled before their appraiser has appraised it?
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Who decides if a car is totalled?

The insurance company.

What if you disagree with the insurance company about totaling your car?

If you disagree about the amount of money you're being offered, you should first let your insurance company know you don't think it's right. It's possible that someone made an honest mistake, and if they look at the figures again they'll catch it. If they still insist that's the right value, though, you're probably going to have to have your car appraised (at your own expense) by an independent appraiser, or possibly two if your first appraiser and the insurance company's appraiser have very different opinions on the car's worth. If that still doesn't help, you'll need a lawyer, because at that point your only real option is litigation. If the problem is not the money, but that you simply want your car fixed instead of having it totalled, the insurance company will generally offer to pay you what (they think) your car is worth, after subtracting your deductible and the amount they expect to get from selling it to a salvage yard. If you do this, you will have to pay for the repairs yourself. Also, you may have problems getting insurance for that car in the future.

Can you get a second quote on a car that's declared totalled?

Yes, but the terms of your policy probably clearly state that the insurance companies decision is final and binding. So to get another opinion would probably be futile.Its not futile if you are smart.Every insurance co has a procedure to dispute their appraisal.Most use ccc(outside co) to come up with the amount.ccc's job is to come up with the least money so that they can continue business with insurance companies.The insured should hire a licensed appraiser to challenge the insurance co.Your appraiser will most likely get you more money.

What happens when a leased vehicle is destroyed in an accident and there is no insurance?

Usually, the lease car is required to be insured ... and the lease is most likely dependent on continued auto insurance being in force. If the car was destroyed (totalled) and there is no insurance to cover the loss, the car is then gone, but NOT the lease payments ... You will still be required to pay the lease as agreed upon ... would have been far cheaper to have had insurance.

What would it mean if a car was 'totalled'?

If a car is "totalled" then it means that the cost of repairing the vehicle makes no financial sense to spend money on it so the insurance company give cash for the vehicle.

When is a car considered totalled by the insurance company?

When the cost required to repair the car to be fully operable and safe are greater than the market value of the car. In some cases, insurance companies will declare a "total" if, in their opinion, it cannot be restored to a safe condition, regardless of cost.

How much would my 2005 neon dodge four door be with mileage of 163316 and could be totalled so?

It was hit by someone and more likely totalled out by there insurance so how much would my check be for

How do you get what is owed for a car that is totalled in accident?

The insurance company pays you once all formalities are taken care of.

You had no insurance and an uninsured driver hit you so now what should you do Will gap insurance cover?

I'm sorry to say that you are going to pay out of pocket for the damage to your car or try to sue the uninsured driver that hit you for the money. Gap insurance only covers the difference between what you owe on the car and what your insurance paid you when your car was totalled. Since you don't have any insurance your gap coverage is useless. Furthermore if the car wasn't totalled in the accident then gap insurance wouldn't come into play regardless.

Can you still drive your car if insurance company has title?

Um, why does the insurance company have the title???? The only reason that the insurance company would have the title is because the car was totalled from damage. Something is very wrong here.

Do you make an insurance payment if your car is totaled?

You should check with your insurance company. If you still have a policy open for the car the premium is still due. But I'm not sure why you'd have a policy if the insurance company said the car was totalled

Can you get car insurance when the car is totalled?

Ans 1 ) I'm not sure what you are asking. Why would you want to purchase an insurance policy on a car that has been rendered completely useless? On the other hand, if you purchase adequate auto insurance coverage on the car before it gets totaled, then you will get compensation for the car.Ans 2 ) Most companies ask a question if the vehicle you are insuring was "totalled" or salvaged before. if the answer is yes, some companies offer liability only for those vehicles.