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if u want a virtual game it would be Club Penguin or if you want a shooting game i recommend OK

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Q: Are there any other online games like panfu?
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What good online games like migoland?

poptropica zwinky dizzywood panfu habbo weeworld clubpenguin

Are there any other games like Lego?

club penguin,panfu and build a bearville

Is there any other games like moshimonsters?

yes! here r some games like moshimonsters: clubpenguin ponyisland habbo panfu

Where are the games on panfu?

All around Panfu like in the Jungle there are two games and in shops like the ice-cream shop!!!!!!!! Gymnast27 xx

What other games are there like club penguin and moshi monstses and panfu and binweevils tell me the other games?

moviestarplanet, stardoll, and lots, lots others.

Should Panfu be sue for copying Club penguin?

NO IT SHOULDN'T! Panfu is my fav game.... (online) Club penguin is nothing like panfu! If u think pandas and penguins are the same thing... You need to see a doc. Me so sorry, sound like you know more than I about this animal games.

What are some other sites like Moshi Monsters?

gaia online club penguin binweevils our world webkinz neopets star doll girls go games zwinky panfu neopets marapets

What other games is like Club Penguin?

Yes There's Alot Like: Panfu, Fantage, Webkinz, Pandanda, Sqwishland, Xivio, and Secretbuilders.

Other games like migoland?

club penguin panfu habbo stardoll club coee IMVU wizared101 runescape try these games and stay in touch

Are there any other panda clubs like panfu but not panfu?

Yes,there is pandanda I went on it and it is good. It is for kids from 5-12 and I know panfu's other virtual world called Oloko. Pandanda is not made by panfu.

Are there any other games like panfu?

if u want a virtual game it would be Club Penguin or if you want a shooting game i recommend OK

Is there more games like panfu but for boys?

panfu is for both but i see where your coming form. club penguin, bin weevils etc