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Q: Are fried grasshoppers healthy
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Are fried chicken wings healthy?

No. Fried foods are not healthy. It depends on how often you eat them. Normally, fried foods are high in fat and carbs.

What do brazilians eat for X-mas dinner?

Fried mice and dried grasshoppers. Protein! :)

Are baked lays healthy?

They are healthier than regular lays... which are fried (anything fried is bad for you)... but they are not particularly healthy... :)

Is fried food healthy?

not really

Is tuna pasta bake healthy for you?

no it is not anything fried or baked is not healthy for you

What makes fast foods healthy?

Actually, its not healthy. Fried foods aren't healthy. Period.

What healthy foods can be fried?

Almost any, they just become less healthy.

What it the least healthy meat?

Bacon and Fried chicken are the least healthy meat.

Is fried fish good for you?

it has omega 3 which is one of the best fats for you

How can fried chicken help you?

It has some protein but is not a healthy food.

Why are sunchips healthy?

Sunchips are not by definition healthy. THey provide a healthier alternative to fried chips, because they are baked.

Is calamari healthy?

It depends on whether it is deep fried or not, but yes Calamari can be good for depending on how you cook it. :)