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brilliant for cleaning black plastics on cars and mopeds

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Q: Almond extract is it good for cleaning?
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Should it be raw almonds to make almond liqueur or can you use almond extract.?

Almond liqueur is made from almond extract.

Where we get almond extract?

you can buy almond extract in almost any grocery store in the same aisle as the vanilla extract.

What is the difference between almond extract and vanilla extract?

One tastes like almond and the other like vanilla

Can you use almond extract instead of vanilla extract?

You could use vanilla extract, but the taste would be different. you are bettere off going with almond instead

Where is almond extract from?

A peach pit!

Is almond extract harmful to children?


Does almond flavoring contain almonds?

There are different types of almond flavorings: 'Pure' almond extract is made from the oil of bitter almond and alcohol. 'Natural' almond extract also contains cassia bark essence. Imitation almond extract is made from water, alcohol (32%), and benzaldehyde. If you have a nut allergy, always read the ingredient on the label of the product.

Can a person get drunk from almond extract?

Yes. Almond Extract, Anise Extract, and Lemon Extract have high alcohol content (60%-80%) You can get drunk off of it, but it will taste horrible. Prepare to be in extreme discomfort after drinking.

Can you add almond extract to a baked cake?

usually, vanilla cake recipe's call for vanilla extract. If you want to change that to an almond flavour all you have to do is replace vanilla extract with almond extract and maybe sneak some ground almonds in there for added texture and flavour.

Do you use the same amount ALMOND extract as you would almond flavoring?

Yes, you use the same measurement of almond extract that you would of almond flavoring. (Although sometimes you may find that the flavoring is marginally stronger than the extract, in which case you may want to add slighlty more extract. However it's personal taste, really).

You live in zip 78076 and where can you buy gfs pure lemon extract 32 oz and almond extract?

Lemon Extract - up to 1 quart size, Almond extract 32 oz.

Can you use almond extract instead of anise extract?

No, almond extract and anise extract taste different from each other.A different answer:Yes, most flavoring extracts can be substituted for each other, as long as the cook realizes the tastes will be completely different. Anise and Almond do not have similar taste or fragrance.