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It saves automatically.

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Q: Adventure rock How do you save the game?
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How do you save your game in adventure quest?

It autosaves.

How do you save game on adventure quest worlds?

it auto saves for you

Where is sontaran on monster hunt?

He is on the adventure rock mini pipe game

When was Adventure Rock created?

Adventure Rock was created in 2008.

When did Adventure Rock happen?

Adventure Rock happened in 2008.

How do you save your game in Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut?

U dont have two it saves automaticly

Where do you find a snortus in the miscrit world of adventure game?

IT is in miscrian forest Save ,near woodmans axe

In Lego Rock Raiders CD-rom can you save in a misson?

During the game, it does not have an option for you to save the game; but once you complete or fail the level, you are given the option to save your game or to go back to the level menu.

Where is the sontaran on Sarah Jane adventures monster hunt?

He is Somewhere on the "Adventure Rock".go to the download > minipipe game

What is that game called where the little girl goes on an adventure to save her stuffed animal?

i remembered it for a sec then forgot it.....

Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut PC Saved Game Files?

Save files contain your saved game progress information. you can download sonic adventure DX director's cut PC full version 100% complete save file here from my blog go to this link:

Do tombs eventually reset in Sims 3 World Adventure?

Nope, you would have to edit your save games or start a new game.