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A blue whale is about 3300 centimeters long.

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3300cm 100 cm in a m 33 x 100

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100cm = 1m

31m x 100cm/1m = 3100m

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Q: A blue whale is about 33 meters in length how many centimeters is this?
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How many CENTIMETERS long is a blue whale?

The length of a blue whale can be up to 30ft. So 30ft is equivalent to 9800cm at most roughly.

What is the biggest animal in the antarctic?

The blue whale at 30 meters in length.

What is a blue whale length?

The average length of a blue whale is to 82ft for males. Female blue whales can measure 85ft. The largest whale measured at 98ft.

What animal is 25 meters long?

The blue whale can measure up to 30 meters in length. It is the largest living mammal in existence.

Is a shark whale bigger than a blue whale?

Yes, the blue whale is bigger than a whale shark. While whale sharks are about 40 feet in length and weighs in about 40,000~47,000 pounds, the blue whale can be up to 108 feet in length (33 meters) and can weigh in about 396,000 pounds (180 metric tons). Whale sharks are the largest fish, while the blue whale is both the largest mammal, and the largest animal to exist on the planet today.

How long is a blue whale meters?

33 meters

What is thre length of the Largest blue whale measured?

The longest Blue whale on record was 103 feet long

How high is the blow of a blue whale?

the height of the blow of the Blue Whale is 10-12 meters high.

Is a seismosaurus longer than a blue whale?

Yes. The seismosaurus was close to 33 meters, and the blue whale is only about 30. Originally, the Seismosaurus was thought to be 50 meters, but that was disproved. The blue whale is still heavier though.

Who has biggest size elephant or blue whale?

Blue whales are the largest animals in the world. They can measure up to 30 meters in length and weigh approximately 170-180 metric tons. Comment: A blue whale can weigh as much as 16 elephants, on average.

How do you make a riddle using the word blue whale and the length 78feet?


A blue whale is 110 feet long. Express its length in yards?

A blue whale is 36.6667 yards?