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Classic fuel pump motor or relay. Do you hear the fuel pump when you first turn the key on? If not, you have a problem with the fuel delievery system.

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Q: 98 dodge neon acts like out of gas but turns over fine?
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Why would my 94 Dodge Shadow start fine run great then after about 5 min it acts like it was put into neutral?

Try changing transmission fluid and filter

Why wont your 1988 B250 Dodge van start unless you try the starter turn it off retry then it will start also it acts like the battery is down then turns over just fine?

I found out the starter relay was bad, also the battery had several weak cells. Replaced both and it starts just fine. Hope this helps someone else.

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Your 2000 dodge neon dosent seem like it is getting any gas to it It turns over just fine it just doesnt seem like it is getting any gas to it could it be the starter or fuel pump?

if it is turning over just fine it is NOT the starter. test the fuel pump, check the fuel and air filters. check ignition for spark

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