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Q: 3 ways in which germs can get into your body?
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How the body deals with germs in various ways?


What are some ways to keep germs out of your body?

We have to make our body clean by continous washing

How does your body battle against germs?

our body has blood which contains w b c which removes germs and fights against the germs

Do germs hide and attack unexpectedly?

No, germs are not alive and attack your body emediantly. Also you can prevent germs by being healthy and washing your body regularly.

What are the 3 ways germs can get into bodies?

1.Threw an open wound. 2.Drinking unpurified water 3.not having good hygeine.

How do the good germs in our body help fight the bad germs in our body?

its because of the white blood cells

Does your tongue have more germs than your lips?

yes every part of your body has germs but some germs are good.

What does the body have to keep the germs out of your body?

white cells

What would germs do to the body if we had no skin?

The body is under constant attack by germs. Luckily thanks to the protective nature of our skin, germs cannot attack the bodily too easily. Without skin, germs would ultimately plague and take over the body as a result.

What are 3 ways the body helps to get more oxygen released from the blood and cells?

What are 3 ways the body helps to getmoreoxygenreleased from the blood and cells?

What are five ways germs spread?

1) sneezed 2) coughed 3) germs from hands and passing on from one person to another 4) food contamination 5) Not picking up dog business

What are some of the ways that germs can be spread from person to person?

Germs can be spread in many ways from person to person. Physical contact such as handshakes or hugging can lead to the spread of germs. Drinking after another person can also lead to the spread of germs. It is best to avoid contact with individuals who are sick.