Who has the longest song title to go number 1 in the UK charts?

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if you tolerate this,then your children will be next...manic street preachers
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Which UK number 1 lasted the longest in the charts?

The longest running UK number 1 chart topper was in 1991 when Bryan Adams spent 16 weeks at the top with his hit single, "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You", the theme song fr

What Beatles single lasted longest at No 1 in the UK charts?

"Hey Jude" spent 9 weeks at Number One in the UK charts. It is regarded as the Beatles most successful single, topping the charts all over the world and selling over 5 million

What is the longest song that was number 1?

The longest running song at number one on the List of Billboard Hot 100 Chart is Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men, "One Sweet Day". (1995) It was number one for 16 weeks.
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How do you get a song to number 1 in the charts?

You will need to be good at singing which if you are here you probably might be because all singers are stupid and need other people to answer their questions. First you will