Where were the medieval sports at?

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usually in the castle courtyards or in any specified place in the land
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Can you compare medieval sports to modern sports?

Medieval sports consisted of jousting, sword fighting, etc. Modern day sports is more team oriented such as, football, basketball, etc. ----- Sports of the Middle Ages in

What medieval sport was there for children in England?

Aside from running races and such similar sports that have been popular all over the world in all times. Children of England played lawn games, such as varieties of bowling an

What did people in medieval norwich do for entertainment and sport?

Feasts - A large, elaborately prepared meal, usually for many persons and often accompanied by court entertainment. Often celebrated religious festivals. . Banquets - A cer

Who would play sports in the medieval times?

1st Answer: Sports as we know it wasn't done in the middle ages. There weren't "teams" and a national fever about sports. The sports were hawking, hunting, wrestling, weapons

What sports did they play in schools in medieval times?

Answer School were not yet created only private tutors for the wealthy. Answer One of the really cool things about the Middle Ages is that they were not the way most peopl

What was the first medieval sport invented?

Sports would have developed rather than be invented by a group of people sitting down and working out the rules. In the Medieval period both football and golf were known, foo

When did medieval sports begin?

Sports began in Ancient Greece and continued through the ages. A great deal of sports was to practice warfare methods and to train.

What sports did medieval merchants play?

When we think about merchants we always imagine rich people. And rich people love playing big-hitter games like cards or chess. A long time ago, all these games were hand-pain