Whats is not allowed after having your appendix removed?

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When the appendix is removed it is usually due to appendicitis. The doctor will recommend that you do not lift heavy objects for 6 weeks, and not allow the stitches to get wet.
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How do you remove an appendix?

This will take a very common operation, its what we call an "Appendectomy". You will need a General sugreon and a Anesthesiologist. There are two ways this procedure is done.

Can you drive after having your appendix removed?

I had my appendix removed 10 days ago now. When i asked the doctor if i can drive, he had a little think about and said: "well, how much do you love your car? How would you

Can your appendix burst while in surgery having it removed?

Yes. Because tissue can get weak from chronic or acute infection (called friable tissue because it is easily broken) and it is much more easily damaged even during careful han

Can having your appendix removed while pregnant harm the baby?

The doctors would be most carefull not to interfere with the baby in the process. There is always a chance of something going wrong though, as surgery stresses the body. I d

Does the appendix have to be removed?

In most people, the appendix never causes problems and never needs to be removed. If it becomes severely infected, it should be removed.

Why appendix has to be removed?

A person may have to have their appendix removed if it becomes infected. If the appendix ruptures, the infection can spread throughout the body and cause major problems.

Why does the appendix have to be removed?

Appendix is vestigial organ. That means it is useless organ in human being. You can safely and easily remove the same. Acute appendicitis is very painful condition. Secondly i