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What does it mean when someone says a girl is curvy?

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She has a nice, well-shaped, well rounded body. Usually one envisions a fairly "busty" woman, curves in along the ribs to form a little bit of an hour glass shape, and the hips round out the look creating the "curvy" look.
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Do guys like curvy girls?

As my point of veiw.. Guys nowdays dont matter much bout these.. Besides they matter thr looks!

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  Ok, firstly, I have no medical experience whatever and I won't pretend to either. So if this advice is of no use to you I don't want you to feel tricked ok? The experien

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It means you are pretty, unless you are Carrie, at that pint, which, a bucket of pigs blood will be dumped on you and you will telekinetically burn down the whole school at pr