What country was the PlayStation made in?

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The playstation was manufactured in china
in europe
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What was the PlayStation made for?

Playstation was obviously made for entertainment purposes only. answer 2 the ps3 was made to redifine entertrainment and to prove what technology can do

Where are PlayStations made?

The original PlayStation is no longer made. The newer PlayStation console's components are made and then assembled in different locations. One story (linked below) identifi

How is a PlayStation made?

In brief the history is: Nintendo and Sony worked together to make a console (imagine that) and then suddenly Nintendo backed out. The system was called the Super Disc, was

Why was the PlayStation made?

PlayStation was the brainchild of Ken Kutaragi, a Sony executive who had just come out of his hardware engineering division at that time and would later be dubbed as "The Fath

Why was PlayStation made?

The PlayStation was invented for Entertainment purposes. It started as only a gaming device, then excelled into a basic CD/DVD player along with it's gaming capabilities. Then