What city was flash dance set in?

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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How do you make your own dancing cursor in flash?

Very simple!First click on add symbol in library,then draw a cursor,make sure its clicking point is on the movie clip's center.Insert keyframe in 2.Change the cursor's color.N

Which city did flash Gordon exist in?

Sandusky, Ohio. Buck Rogers hailed from Niagara Falls, a lot of people confuse the two pioneer science fiction vehicles. Buck"s lady friend was Wilma Deering, whereas Flash ha

How do you make a light set flash?

Add a flasher or blinker light to the set usually at the beginning of the strand. This may not work however if the lights are wired parallel .
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What are the moves required for a flash dance?

Flash dances are made up of several different components, or moves. There are no set requirements for moves, just as long as everyone does them correctly.