True or false bacteria is bigger than viruses?

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Are viruses smaller than bacteria?

yeah, viruses are smaller then bacteria . both of these are small and cannot be spotted by the naked eye. bacteria - they are single-celled organisms that can replicate thems

What is bigger viruses bacteria or fungus?

In this case, bacteria can grow more and divide into more organisms, but fungus,. however, can grow into mushrooms that are bigger than organisms. so in opinion, it. is fung

Why is bacteria bigger than viruses?

Bacteria and viruses can breed. i.e. When bacteria breeds, they form large colonies visible to the naked eye When viruses breed, they become more deadly or mutate but a

Is viruses are smaller than bacteria?

They are very small and can be considered ultramicroscopic. We were not able to see them with the best light microscopes as we could bacteria (prokaryotes). We have to use an