Should you forgive someone if they hurt you?

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It Depends if you trust that person if he/she would hurt you again. If you trust them , then forgive. Well if you dont, it's your choice mate.
According to the severity of his offense. However, you should let him know his behaviour hurt you and assure him it wont happen again, because this time you were tolerant (forgiveness), but if it happens agan there are going to be consequences according to the severity of his offense.
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When should you forgive someone?

It is a good practice to forgive someone immediately. However,emotions prevent a lot of people from forgiving someoneimmediately.

Can you forgive someone if they hurt you emotionally?

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Yes you should. Everyone should forgive and forget. But please write on my bio page i there is any questions. This is what I really want to ask: I am very troubled

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It depends how bad he hurt you and in which way. It also depends on whether he hurt you physically or mentally. I guess that he hurt you mentally, however if he did hurt you p

Should you forgive someone who lied to you for 17 months?

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What should you do if someone hurts your feelings?

Usually it's best to forgive them and move on. If you cannot move on, then tell the person what they did hurt your feelings and give them an opportunity to apologize. Hopefull