Is life harder for a girl or a boy?

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I think that both boys and girls have hard things to deal with. No one can really judge who has it harder. Everyone has difficulties in life. One person's difficulty maybe be seen as a piece of cake by someone else. Yeah, girls have periods, they have to go through pregnancy and giving birth, etc. but guys don't have it easy either. First of all, they have to deal with the girl. That may not be a very good argument so besides that point guys have they're own difficulties to handle. Girls are usually much more open with each other and can cry on each other's shoulders when in need while guys on the other hand usually get made fun of if they cry about something. I can keep on going back and forth like this... saying why girls have it hard and why boys have it hard, but that wouldn't get me far.

The bottom line is we both have it hard, and each person has certain circumstances which make it diffucult, its not boys vs girls or girls vs boys. Everyone is in this together and we each have our own struggles to deal with, with the help of others around us.
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Is life harder as a girl or a boy?

Answer . There are no studies to support either theory. Each sex has their own problems. Women are weaker physically than men. Men are weaker emotionally. Women have a har

Do girls or boys have it harder in school?

Girls-definitely!!! They go through not just one or two but MANY hormonal stages!!!!!!!!! Girls also go through friendship problems. Wikki Wikki!! Another perspective: Nope

Why do girls have a harder life?

simply evolution, but if you're religious, the reason would be that eve ate the apple from the tree of life, and god punished all women for her doing so.

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I think its the same amount of difficulty .Cuz boys,you know they like to fight,and girls,when they have off days they get cranky.Well im a girl and i can say that im a total

Do girls have a harder life?

This depends on each individual's own life , its resources, such as money, natural health, fitness and other basic requirements, Each sex has their own problems. Women are con

Are boys life harder than girls?

Your life is what oyu make of it! That means that no one genders life is harder than the other, we all have issues that need dealing with in our own lives
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Why do girls have it harder than boys?

Cause girls are more less lazier than boys maybe, all boys just have to do is go to work and get money for the familys everyday while the girls stay home and clean for the guy
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Who are life harder boys or girls?

girls; periods, pregnancy pains, childbirth. all you men out there really don't know how lucky you are. men don't have to cope with any of that. you just frollock about kissin