Is it true theres a 1 percent chance of catching munchlax?

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There are 21 trees in the games, and only 4 of them have a 1% chance of getting a Munchlax, and the trees are different for each game save file. It doesn't matter how much honey you put on, it's the tree that makes the difference.

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How do you catch munchlax?

slather honey on yellow trees then save and shut off for six hours turn back on and the tree should be shaking but there is only a 1% chance of it being a munch lax You can

How do you catch munchlax in Pokemon Diamond?

Fisrt you have to fly to floaroma town, then go into the floaroma meadow. There should be a guy the on the left when you get in. Talk to him and you can buy honey, Buy ten

Where do you catch a munchlax?

Munchlax is a Normal type fourth generation baby Pokemon. Itevolves into Snorlax. It can be found in Honey Trees in the fourthgeneration games and otherwise must be bred or tr

Where do you catch munchlaxe on diamond?

Slather honey on a honey tree. Comeback later and there's a 1% chance it's a Muchlax. Don't worry, I'm still trying to catch it to. i accidently made it faint the first time =

Where can you catch a munchlax?

In what Pokemon version game??? If in diamond, pearl, or platnium, use honey on a tree to attract it. In valley windworks they rarely appear there and in flomoroma meadow It t

Where can you catch munchlax?

In Diamond,Pearl,and Platinum you have to slather honey on a tree. For heartgold and soulsilver you have to use headbutt on a tree.

Which honey trees can you catch munchlax on?

You can only find Munchlax on certain honey trees, referred to as Munchlax trees. You must then put honey on the same tree 3 times in a row to find a Munchlax, or else it's VE

Where to catch munchlaxs?

Slather honey on trees.Make sure every tree is slathered.It will take quit a while but it will eventually appear.Only can be received in Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl,Pokemon

A 1 in 35 chance is what percent?

Convert 35 into 100 and repeat this operation with 1 to give the percentage. To convert 35 to 100, first divide by 35 then multiply by 100 : (35/35) x 100 = 100 Repeating this