Is it possible for a baby to come out sideways?

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Where does a baby come out of?

It comes out of a woman's genitalia normally. Some babies are delivered by C section and that mean they have to cut below the woman's stomach to get the baby out.

Where babies come out from?

When you have a baby it generally comes out of a womans vagina unless she has a Cesarian which is an oporation and they take the baby straight out of her stomach.

When you throw a football a long way it comes down sideways why?

it has to do with which way the ball is facing when you release it. if its facing sideways, go through you throwing motion slowly and see if it is sideways at the release poin

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There were several firearms that used a magazine that attached at the side of the weapon. One of them was the British STEN gun. Run a Google image search for sten, and see if

Where does the expression Sliding into the grave sideways come from?

Its from a poem, read and enjoy Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, But rather t