Is carnell breeding b5 real brother?

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yes he is
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Is carnell from b5?

yes he is. he is the forth of the five brothers,Dustin.Kelly,Patrick,and Bryan. They are a R&B music group.

Is carnell breeding really their brother?

He is there half brother!! Well b5 says they all have the same father so but Carnells last name is hunnicutt breeding so I don`t know okay im really not trying to be rude but

Is carnell hunnicutt breeding b5s real brother or myxxs brother?

Carnell is like a brother to B5.. I recently heard (from secure sources) that he is B5's cousin.. Wether he's Myxx's cousin, I don't know.... But he ia adopted by the breed

Is Carnell really a breeding brother?

Yes he is, by law.He's not biologicaly.. But he is their biological cousin. But i still love him the same maybe more.I was real mad sad and devastated at the same time.

Does Carnell from B5 have a MySpace?

yes it is and that's his one and only fan page. any other is fake, for ex. is a fake