How long should you leave the taper in to gauge your ears from a 6 to a 2?

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cuz i had my ears at a 6 right. and used a taper to get it to about a 2. im trying to fit tunnels in but the tunnels are big on the outside are at like a 0 maybe 00 but then the middle is the regular 2 gauge and they are 2 gauge tunnels. ive had the taper in for about a day and id how long until it will be big enough to work and its pissin me off. thanks lolold

Dear Person(hood)-

I am not a piercer. I have no medical degree nor have I spoken w/ many piercers about gauging. So don't take this as some sort of biblically assertive answer. First of all, gauging more than 2 points of width at a time is generally a bad idea. I.E. going from a 10 to a 6. It is better for your ears and your skin, and pain threshold to go from a 10 to an 8. But that idea was kind of abandoned here. Anyway, what can happen if you gauge too much too fast you can tear the flesh and it won't heal nicely. That may mean you have to get the lobe scalpeled or have some stitches put in for healing. stretching any piercing takes time. I have stretched my lobes myself from a 16 to double 00's. i spent about 10 months doing this. i went through the small stretches rather quickly, but tore it from 2 to a 0. and spent a few months healing. Most tunnels are big on the outside rim so they actually stay inside. Lots of people have a problem of them just popping out. If you have flesh tunnels try to secure them w/ a capture ball earring through it so you don't constantly lose it. Lastly, leave the taper in for as long as it takes to stop hurting. Clean it at least twice a day to help w/ healing and elimination of "ear cheese." Look at the taper and smell it, you'll know what I'm talking about. That's about it for now. I would guess you should leave it in for about two weeks at least because you may have torn the flesh. If it hurt a whole lot, then it's torn. that's about it.
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