How long does a broken nose take to heal?

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About 2 months to fully heal. To heal enough to stop hurting about 2 weeks. ANSWER It depends on the degree of injury made. Strong injuries might heal totally after few months, while simple one might heal in a month. In any case these are the periods for full recovery. Usually an injure person can go back to his usual activities after 1-2 weeks (except sports and physical work).
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How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal?

Well the piercing needs to heal, this can take up to a year for a piercing to become seasoned (this is when you can remove the jewellery for a few hours and not have an issue

How long does it take for a broken hip to heal?

The time changes for everyone, depending on age, health conditions before the break, and how bad the break is. On average, the break takes about 1-3 months to fully heal. If t

How long does a broken neck take to heal?

A broken neck or cervical fracture can take several weeks toseveral months to heal. Physical therapy would be needed to buildstrength back into the neck.

How long does it take a broken jaw to heal?

If the jaw is wired together then normally about 4-6 weeks. If not then round about 8-10 weeks. I broke my jaw about 2 years ago after get ran over. My jaw took about 7 weeks

How long will it take for a broken ankle heal?

It depends on how badly the ankle is broken... If it is a really bad injury, it could take up to a year. If the ankle's bones are just moved apart a little bit, it might take

How long will it take a broken arm to heal?

Broken bones heal at different rates, depending on the age of the child and the type of fracture. Certain fractures in young kids can heal as quickly as 3 weeks, while it may

How long the nose piercing takes to heal?

About 2-3 weeks if it's cleaned regularly and well maintained. When my wife got her nose pierced, she cleaned it at least twice a day using a product for ear piercings, and it