How is cross breeding different from selective breeding?

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Cross breeding is simply taking two breeds of animals and mating them together (Such as a Charolais crossed with a Hereford).

Where selective breeding is selecting the what two animals you want bred together to produce a better animal.
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How does selective breeding differ from genetic engineering?

Selective breeding uses natural biological means to alter genetics--example is using a pollen from one strain to fertilize another strain and so "cross" the gene pools.While o

How is selective breeding different from genetic engineering?

In selective breeding you are relying on the natural randomdistributions of genes in the mating process. By rewarding somecombinations (which manifest themselves in some desir

How is selective breeding different from natural selection?

In selective breeding the traits that the offspring inheirits is controlled by the person who is doing the breeding. For example if a chihuahua breeder is looking to make smal

How is gm different to selective breeding?

Selective breeding happens within closely related species. useful Techniques . GM Food produces a wide range of characteristics that aren't possible with selective breeding

How is natural selection different from selective breeding?

selective breeding is basically the artificial version of natural selection natural selection is where those who adapt and survive pass there genes on to the next generation w

How is genetic modification different from selective breeding?

When you modify genetic material directly, rather than going through natural breeding, you * have more direct control over what to change * can mix genes from species that it

What is the difference in a pure breed and crossed breed lab?

Well the crossed breed lab has the qualities of the lab and of the other dog breed the purebred lab has only the qualities of a lab. Some say that crossbreed dogs are smarter

Hoe are selective breeding and natural breeding similar and how are they different?

In selective breeding the owners of the pets will choose mates thathave selected characteristics that are wanted in the offspring.They may also be repeated with future offspri

How are natural selection and selective breeding different?

Selective breeding is when farmers or bioligists breed certain animals together because of their traits. This is man made . For example, cattle are breeded together based on

What is the difference between breeding and selected breeding?

Breeding is just breeding any pair of parents together to get offspring, whereas selected breeding is choosing a certain set of parents and targeting a few specific traits you

How does selective breeding differ from evolution?

Artificial selection is controlled totally from the outside and the selector is usually man. Men want certain attributes in organisms they domesticate and these attributes wou

Can you cross breed different rabbits?

If you mean the domestic breeds then yes. They are all a part of the same species, Oryctolagus cuniculus ( the European Rabbit ), and thus can interbreed and produce viable