How do you pass level 3 in ciao Bella?

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In the beginning, you get a call from Elio, asking you if you can accompany him to his friends at a movie premiere. You need to get a evening gown(which is at Cat-a-gogo) Also, your mom and Carmie caught the flu, so you have to see them daily. Try to keep your health bars up! :)
Eat and do some other stuff until your father Eduardo comes to tell you the not so great news. Your mother called Elio's mother an "old flowerpot", so in return, Elio's mother Teresa plants signs all over town saying that your family's cafe is tainted... You will need to collect those immediately... They are as follows: Cat-a-gogo (2) Gym (5) Mall (5) Church (5) and Da Teresa (4)... Then go home... Your father will thank you then. On wed you will visit your mother then go home.. She will call and ask you for a favor. It is Uncle Nunzio's birthday and she wants you to go get him the Aida CD and take it to him by 6pm. This can be found in the mall. Do so then take it to him and come back home, where your mother will call you and thank you... Keep your bars up and meet Elio... The date will go well!

Is 'Ciao Bella' an Italian phrase?

Yes , the phrase 'Ciao, Bella' is Italian. The interjection 'ciao' means 'hello' and 'goodbye'. The feminine adjective 'bella' means 'beautiful, handsome'. Together, they'

How do you pass Level 2 on Ciao Bella La Romanza?

This level will start out with a call from Elio, asking you out on a date to go rollerblading on Saturday, and assumes that you can keep up judging on how 'fit' you looked...

How do you answer 'Ciao Bella' in Italian?

Ciao or Ciao, Bello is an Italian response to 'Ciao, Bella'. The interjection 'ciao' means 'hello' and 'goodbye'. The feminine adjective 'bella' and the masculine 'bel

What is the answer to 'Ciao Bella'?

One answer is simply Ciao . Another is Ciao Bello . In the word by word translation, the interjection 'ciao' means 'hello' and 'goodbye'. The masculine adjective 'bello'

How do you pass level 1 on Ciao Bella La Romanza?

1. Beseech in the Church and Lord will give you a few dollars. 2.Go home and into your cafe and talk to Ernie. 3.Go to the mall, into the jewellry store and buy the pearl neck

How do you get past level 13 in Ciao Bella?

LEVEL 13: Elio calls, says that he wants to host a get together, and that it is a suprise to you as well. He mailed you the invitations and needs you to hand them out to your

What is an answer to the Italian 'Ciao Bella'?

Ciao, Bello is an answer to the Italian phrase Ciao, Bella . Specifically, the greeting ciao means "hi, hello." The feminine adjective/pronoun bella and the masculine